CBD American Shaman is Saving My Life


   There are so many testimonials out there when it comes to the wonders of CBD oil therapies that some find them to be embellished or maybe even untrue. 

This is my testimonial. 

   I can only write what comes from my heart. Some of you may find it overly wordy, or maybe even blown out of proportion. I can only say that I am a writer, and although the words written here may seem flamboyant or purposefully alluring, this is the truth. I mean every word of it. 

   I’m a Veteran. Having served in the U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy. I am also a retired Paramedic. I have seen the best and worst humanity has to offer. 

   Some call it PTSD, I call it hell on earth. The anxiety and the panic attacks spring forth from my subconscious with no warning. It took a lot for me to finally admit that I have a problem. I’ve always thought of myself as a tough guy, and to admit pain or weakness was a flaw. I was plagued with sleepless nights, chronic headaches and migraines, and night terrors so horrific that I would wake up screaming in the middle of the night in a pool of sweat. I would “self-medicate” with alcohol, just so I could fall asleep at night. By “fall asleep” I mean pass out drunk, just to keep the dreams away.   

   On the outside, my charisma and demeanor were always an act. It was a constant performance to hide how badly I was hurting on the inside. A constant “War in my mind”, I battled PTSD for 12 years on my own. The V.A. only offering more of the same treatment plan by prescribing heavy medication. That wasn’t happening for me. I’ve seen the zombies made by the Veterans Affairs hospitals. I swore that I would never end up like them. 

   Tired of drinking, I turned to cannabis. I started writing for CBD American Shaman, and the more and more research I did, I found the potential answer for my ailments. The oil is working the wonders and miracles I so long searched for. 

   My charisma and demeanor in public isn’t an act anymore. Life is changing daily with the aid of the oil made from industrial hemp. The V.A.’s own website speaks out against any form of CBD and medicinal marijuana, which blows my mind, because it works! The truth is, the oil works, the zombie pills and alcohol don’t! 

   CBD American Shaman is saving my life and allowing me to be the Husband and Father my family deserves.